Clinical Tattooing & PMU


Natural-looking eyebrows are created by using a manual tool. "Hair stroke" technique is used throughout the eyebrow to blend your real eyebrow hairs with the microbladed stroke

2 hr | $450


Pigment is tattooed on and above the lash line, giving the illusion of fuller, thicker lashes.

1 hr | $175

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$225 (liner) and $325 (full) and up Permanent makeup is either applied to the outer lip line to define and enhance the lips or is shaded throughout the lips, giving the illusion of fuller lips

$225 (liner) and $325 (full)

Lip Liner & Full Lips Tattoo


Used primarily to correct scarring, burns, and disproportional nipples, Areola Repigmentation is a specialized form of tattooing that gives an illusion of a 3D areola.

The results are remarkable

$350 for 1 $625 for both

Areola Repigmentation


Our tattoo removal process involves tattooing a uniquely crafted saline solution into your existing tattoo, helping lift old pigment from the skin which flakes off as a scab. This process, which takes several sessions, is a safer alternative to laser.

$200 / 75 minutes $125/ 30 min

Tattoo Removal