Aging, Acneic, Discolored, Rough, Scaly, Sun-damage, Ashy, Clogged | Previously Intolerant Of Glycolic Acid


• Reveals fresh, ultra-smooth skin

• Minimizes imperfections – including lines, wrinkles & enlarged pores

• Lifts away discolorations

• Eliminates ashiness

• Controls breakouts & clogged pores


AHAminoPlexTM | glycolic/amino acid complex ensures maximum AHA delivery with minimum discomfort Lactic Acid | lactic/amino acid complex ensures maximum AHA delivery with minimum discomfort

White Tea | stronger than green tea, calms signs of redness and tingling in seconds

Sea Whip | strongest soothing action of all sea-derived calming agents; soothes in seconds

Kola, Mate, Guarana | Brazilian plant complex clinically-proven to reduce signs of irritation caused by AHAs

PEG-8/SMDI Copolymer | time-released, targeted delivery for increased AHA penetration


Age-Limit is developed for all skin types, even those that have been unable to use glycolic acid in the past. This skin-hugging gel won’t flake, crack, peel or discolor. When stored in a cool, darkened area, the stability of this formula is guaranteed for at least one year.


Does not contain preservatives, fragrance, colorants, oil or parabens


Minimize visible imperfections within days with this exclusive complex of clinically-proven soothing plant extracts and the next generation in AHAs – the patented1 AHAminoPlexTM molecule, developed by the pioneers of AHA skin therapy, Drs. Van Scott and Yu

Age Limit Advanced Refinishing Serum

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  • Water (base), glycolic acid (AHA), lactic acid (AHA), sodium lactate (buffered AHA), pentylene glycol (hydrating), phenyl trimethicone (breathable silicone), camellia sinensis leaf extract (calming white tea), sea whip (pseudopterogorgia elizabethae) extract (extra-strength soothing), kola extract (calming plant extract), mate extract (calming plant extract), guarana extract (calming plant extract), arginine (naturally-derived amino acid), PEG-8/SMDI copolymer (AHA delivery vehicle), cyclopentasiloxane (breathable silicone), butylene glycol (hydrating), dimethiconol (breathable silicone), phospholipids (moisturizing lipid), hydroxyethylcellulose (slip agent), xanthan gum (slip agent), montmorillonite (gelling agent).