Stressed | Dry | Blotchy | Dehydrated


• Visibly normalizes dry, stressed skin within days

• Eliminates feeling of tautness and irritation

• Instantly moisturizes, leaving skin soft and velvety

• Comforts and energizes dry skin, preventing further damage

• Reduces blotchiness and promotes a brighter, more radiant look


Corn Extract | energizes skin cells for faster recovery from stress

Wheat Germ Glycerides | moisture magnet from wheat germ; keeps skin comfortably moist for hours

Calendula, Chamomile, Linden,Cornflower, Matricaria, Hypericum | soothing plant extracts

Tocopheryl Acetate | stabilized vitamin E; keeps skin lipids fresh, protects natural radiance Dipotassium

Glycyrrhizinate | powerful soothing molecule from licorice; calms stress on contact


Calms visibly stressed, blotchy skin and increases skin’s resistance to stress while adding oil-rich moisture building-protection

Does not contain mineral oil, synthetic fragrance or colorants, lanolin or other animal-derived ingredients, or parabens

Stress Recovery Creme