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Specialty Facials 

All Specialty Facials include steam, massage, enzyme exfoliation, and extractions. 

All Specialty Treatments do not include steam, massage, enzyme exfoliation, and extractions. ($135+)

Hydroderm $195

Our Hydroderm treatment combines a customized blend of Ageless Serums to help exfoliate dead skin and blackheads, plump fine lines and wrinkles, and deeply hydrate your skin leaving you with a glowing complexion. 


Age Reversal $195

This treatment focuses on an instant result and includes LED light therapy, plasma fusion, and plasma microcurrent. A unique skin tightening and lifting serum and mask are applied on the face and neck to dramatically reduce the appearance of sagging skin in the neck, brows, cheeks, and jowls. The potent serum penetrates the sub-dermal layers of the skin, which helps tone the sub-dermal muscles. A series of specialized treatments will provide longer-lasting results.

Face Lifting Results on. woman's face

Nano Infusion $195

Nano infusion is a non-invasive serum delivery system that is a great alternative to traditional microneedling. Clinical-grade ampules are infused into your skin through nano or plasma fusion to provide a much deeper penetration of products. These treatments are customized for each client, depending on their skin concerns. It's great for diminishing acne scars, lightening melasma and sun spots, resurfacing large pores, and increasing natural collagen production.


Microcurrent Face Lifting $215

Microcurrent therapy stimulates facial muscles with a low-grade electrical current to contour, firm, and tone sagging skin in the neck, jowls, cheeks, eyes, and forehead area. This includes V-Tox face tightening mask, LED light therapy, oxygen infusion.

Think of this as a workout for your face! 

The "Microcurrent Toning ONLY" option does NOT include Facial, LED, Lifting Mask, or Oxygen ($95) This is a quick "Lunch-time Pick-Me-Up" 

Asian woman getting a facial treatment at a spa
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